About Rov

I'm a young Italian horse who loves art, literature and good company.

I've just finished my university experience, now I have a first degree in modern Literature and a specialization degree in Visual Arts. Maybe I'll menage to become a teacher in history of art, or a critic for a newspaper or something... Who knows!

Furry is my passion and I draw furries since 2007. My style constantly developed, but I think I'm finally reaching my own. It's never too late to learn, right?

My hobbies are mostly drawing, reading, playing video-games and hanging out with friends to drink something. I love art, sweets, spring windy days, coffee, chocolate, long hair, poetry, Japan... And so many other things. On the other hand, I just can't get together with liars, arrogants, bigotry... and maths. Critics are welcome only when kind and constructive!

I hope my art will communicate you all something special, no matter if it's a smile, a tear, or a hard-on. Just enjoy it, byebye!

species palomino horse
gender male
loves 69, Anal, Anime likes Aphrodisiac, Bathing, Bear tolerates Androgynous, Autofellatio, Bondage hates Anal vore, Auto-Cunnilingus, Ball Slapping
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Latest Journal posted 09 Jul 2014

Hi everybody, I'm opening for a new row of commissions! :3  

I'll be accepting up to 8 slots and you can grab one by commenting on this journal. After I'll confirm your slot reservation, you have just to send me a PM with all the details for your commission (and reference for characters, if you got any). I usually get payed after I showed a rough sketch to the commissioner, so please write your email address in the PM, so I can show it to you directly ;)

As usual, here's my black list, which means these are things I wont draw. It's just a matter of personal aesthetics, and I'm sure you'll find so many other awesome artists to draw this kind of stuff for you:

Scalies or dragons, avians, insects.Vore, Gore, Inflation, Dirty, Fisting, Feral, Zoo.Absurd or silly fur patterns or coat colors (such as sparkling green tattoos, orange with violet spots, etc).General water creatures, except for cetaceans.

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nativeredfox 1 week ago
Hi Rov
just wanted to say I love your art, man
Rov 1 week ago
ehi, thank you very much :D
LockTheSilent 4 months ago
Hey Rov! Been a fan of your work for yeeeears. just waited to come out and say that till I got my very first commission done. <3 Stay kool man, your Tauren are amazing!
Rov 4 months ago
eheh, thank you so much! :)
Bladerush 4 months ago
I discovered your art thanks to Gritou, Perrin and Mino, and damn it is awesome! Special congrats for your latest piece for Toumal. Watch your commission list in the next few months, that drake might ask you for a pic :) (I think you don't draw dragons but I have a wolf character which might fit)
Rov 4 months ago
Oh hey, thanx a lot! And I'll look forward for that commission in the future :3
BobbyLontra 6 months ago
thanks for watch!
Rov 6 months ago
eheh no need to say thanx, you deserved it! :) Loved your animations and your artworks are really hot!
Io 7 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Rov 7 months ago
Aww thanx a lot, I wish you a merry Christmas too :)
Toumal 9 months ago
Hey rov! Miss your sexy horsies <3
Rov 8 months ago
Promise I'll be back soon!
Toumal 8 months ago
Mmm good! I'll be front! ^^
CanadianDragon 10 months ago
I love your art! So very good and hawt~
Braford 1 year ago
Hey there man :-)
Uldar 1 year ago
Had a good look at your work ^.=.^ I love all of it! Great art and incredibly sexy stuff ^.=.^
Ryan Deer 1 year ago
*murrs* hey there you sexy thing